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How to Connect with Every Generation

Serving as a generations speaker and youth trends expert, yours truly is constantly connecting with kids, educators and families from every background to learn more about the top issues which impact schools, classrooms and households today. As you might image, the speed at which technology solutions and new innovations are both emerging and evolving is of paramount concern – with so much advancement happening before our very eyes, it can often be difficult for parents and teachers to keep up. Even more so if you consider that Gen Y, Millennials and digital kids have grown up with it second nature.

Happily, as part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness and education for issues such as online privacy, Internet safety and digital citizenship, we’ve compiled a number of books, guides and tip sheets for readers to enjoy. But if you’re looking for some quick insights, takeaways and strategies for better bridging the digital divide, we also recommend having a look at the video below, which touches further on our thoughts on these topics:

In addition, we’ve compiled a number of useful articles and additional videos which may provide further insight into the changing shape of today’s digital media landscape for children, and how to address the challenges and opportunities it presents as well. You can find links to several of our most popular posts on learning, education and connecting with every age group here:

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As any generations speaker will tell you, the future is tremendously promising for those on all sides of the divide – educators, parents, teens, tweens and younger kids alike. But to truly recognize its promise, we’ve got to be teaching tomorrow’s generations and giving them the skills they need to succeed, as well as engaging in constant conversation with them. The only way to bridge the generational divide is to work together: Happily, it’s a goal many of today’s top professionals and everyday families have embraced pursuing.

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