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Education and Parenting: Expert Guides and Advice

As part of our education and youth speaking practice, we routinely provide keynote speeches, workshops, and classes for colleges, schools, and corporate businesses on an international basis. But thanks to continued support and encouragement from teachers, family organizations and non-profit associations worldwide, we’ve also recently begun to offer a growing range of training guides, tip sheets, presentations, event programs, and other expert learning resources for adults and kids as well. Designed for teachers and parents alike to help children adapt to growing concerns such as online safety and privacy, social media, cyberbullying and digital citizenship, these tools, seminars and distance learning solutions can help teens, tweens and tots of all ages enjoy a more positive experience with technology. Moreover, we’re deeply humbled and flattered to announced that the first two such solutions – Facebook for Kids and Parents: A Social Networking Guide, and Technology and Kids: A High-Tech and Online Parenting Guide, have both reached top 10 bestseller status on Amazon.com.

Please note that this isn’t a sales pitch: These and future guidebooks and training programs have been, and will continue to be, regularly offered free of charge as part of running promotions via the Kindle Select program. Both are also available at no charge to Amazon Prime Members. Like many of our other upcoming resources for school administrators, professional educators and modern family households, several of our upcoming products and programs will further be available at no charge to parents, educators and schools throughout the community. From webinars to booklets, tip sheets to whitepapers and seminars, you can also expect to enjoy a growing range of solutions in coming months that include programs designed to addressing pressing questions such as:

  • How to make technology, smartphones, tablet PCs, mobile devices, online games, apps, instant messaging, the Internet, social networks and other high-tech tools and services safe and fun for children?
  • How to teach technology to kids, and leverage new apps, online services, websites and trends such as gamification, MOOCs and distance learning to enhance the learning and education process?
  • What are the best ways to make online safety, online privacy and positive social media interaction (including interactions with social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) second nature for teens, tweens and tots of all ages?
  • What new rules of responsibility, safety and etiquette must be maintained when engaging with others over the Internet or participating in texting, videoconferencing, or other forms of online communications?

Throughout this growing range of discussion guides, family workbooks, classroom curricula, and youth speaking and training programs, you can expect to find answers on the best ways to:

  • Teach safe computing habits and appropriate use of consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs
  • Promote positive and responsible high-tech computing and communications habits
  • Manage and maintain practical and positive technology rules for the home
  • Get the most from new apps, gadgets and mobile devices
  • Make the Internet, online tools, and software solutions a healthy part of everyday life
  • Find the best online services, software programs, websites, apps and teaching tools for children

Building on the principles introduced in the #1 bestselling Modern Parent’s Guide high-tech parenting series, we sincerely hope that all prove useful tools on your journey to educate family, friends and fellow students about the opportunities and challenges presented by new innovations and technologies.


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