Below, you’ll find a number of free resources for business, marketing, technology and innovation for organizations, students and working professionals. Please click to access all.


Business Expert’s Guidebook: Technology Trends, Management Tips & Online Marketing

The Crowdfunding Bible: Online Finance and Fundraising

The Modern Parent’s Guide High-Tech Youth Education Series


High-Tech and Online Marketing Guide PDF

Kids and Video Games: A Guide for Parents


Change Management: How to Drive Strategic Innovation

Leadership Insights: Management Training + Trendspotting

Futurist Trends Expert: New Innovations, Technology

Futurist Keynote Speaker: AI, Automation, Robotics

Finance Industry Innovation: Online Fundraising and Crowdfunding Tips

Technology and Kids: Tips for the Digital Family


Lessons You Won’t Learn in Business School – Inc. Magazine

Marketing and Content Strategy for Every BudgetFast Company

5 High-Tech Ways to Boost Your Business OvernightHuffington Post

A Beginner’s Guide to Online FinanceRolling Stone

High-Tech Business and Workplace EtiquetteHuffington Post

Achieve Success By Building Your Personal BrandAmerican Airlines

10 Ways to Make Press and Media HeadlinesEntrepreneur Magazine

Online Fundraising Secrets for Startups – VentureBeat

The Biggest Lie in Sales Today – Inc. Magazine

Why Parents Must Education Kids About TechnologyCNN

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