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“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group



Need non executive directors? Award-winning business strategist and management consultant Scott Steinberg - one of today's most widely-acclaimed futurists and strategic thinkers, as seen by over one billion people worldwide - can help your organization chart a path to continual growth and success. A trusted adviser to senior [...]

Outside director Scott Steinberg helps Fortune 500 corporations, trade associations, schools, non-profits, and small to mid-size businesses in every field achieve unprecedented levels of growth and success by helping them stay ahead of changing times and trends, and create corporate strategy, training and education programs that empower leaders [...]

Ever heard the phrase "it's about working smarter, not harder?" Chances are, it's come up many times you've heard motivational speakers or inspirational speakers talk to businesses, associations or non-profits about what it takes to succeed going forward. But what does it mean exactly from a practical standpoint? [...]

Customer service speakers have the best job in the world: Whether providing keynotes, training courses or master classes at meetings and events, or conducting market research in partnership with businesses and brands, we get to partner with leading professionals to help people find better ways to connect with [...]

Agriculture speakers have an increasingly promising job when it comes to keynote speaking, or presenting workshops, master classes and breakout sessions. That's because so many exciting new developments are happening in the space, from smart machines such as tractors capable of sending information right to smartphones and mobile [...]