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5 Ways to Be More Successful at Work

Ever heard the phrase “it’s about working smarter, not harder?” Chances are, it’s come up many times you’ve heard motivational speakers or inspirational speakers talk to businesses, associations or non-profits about what it takes to succeed going forward. But what does it mean exactly from a practical standpoint? Essentially, that by weighing the opportunity costs of any given choice along with the financial costs attached, you can find ways to get more done with less, and increase productivity, profits and performance by making those choices that best put you in a position to succeed and make the most use of your time.

However, what you may not always get while hearing motivational and inspirational speakers speak on these subjects are directly actionable hints, tips and advice for doing so, starting right here, right now today. So, in the interests of providing you with a workable action plan, we thought we’d share some expert insights on how you can get more done in less time, and see greater ROI and impact for having done so. Below, you’ll find five ways to be more effective as an executive or team leader, and get ahead more frequently in your career or organization:

  1. Start in Reverse – Begin with a goal, then work backwards: Break it down into measurable objectives, monthly plans and daily tasks. Constantly reassess if you’re still working most efficiently towards these targets.
  2. Be Persistent – Nine in ten businesses succeed using different strategies than they’d planned. To get ahead, constantly rethink, reinvent and adapt.
  3. Spend Time Wisely – Everything comes with two costs: Hard and opportunity. Before selling your time, consider what it’s really worth and how it’s best spent.
  4. Constantly Experiment – It’s not failing if you’re learning. Continuously experiment, observe, and course-correct as more information is gained. Like strategic innovators know, the key is to fail quickly, cost-effectively, and not make the same mistakes twice.
  5. Don’t Take No for An Answer – Business priorities and needs constantly shift. Ask the same individual or organization the same question later, and you make get a different response.
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