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“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group


Social Media

Does uncertainty and disruption have your head spinning? Wondering how you can successfully adapt to new technologies and trends? Our new series of board games Scott Steinberg’s What’s the Future of…?™ – can help you stay one step ahead of the curve.  In it, players will learn what [...]

Wondering how you can build and grow your business online? Not to mention court clients digitally and master the art of social media networking? From online sales to personal branding, advertising and building strategic partnerships, our new book The New Rules of Business Development ($17.99, BLUEPRINT) explains how [...]

Talk about a happy new year: What a way to start 2024! In case you missed the big announcement, we’re honored to kick the age of AI, automation and smart technology off by clocking a new milestone: Having served as keynote speakers, strategic consultants and thought leaders for [...]

With 2024 (and, yikes, 2025!) just around the corner, we're proud to announce the December 19th pending release of our first children's book L IS FOR LEADERSHIP: An A to Z Guide to the Future of Business™. How can we teach our children to think like leaders? And [...]

Welcome to the future of training, education, and development: We're proud to announce that new tabletop game THE FUTURE IS YOURS™ ($19.99, www.FutureIsYoursGame.com) - the first print-and-play tabletop game to teach players of all ages and skill levels how to think like a futurist - is available now! [...]

Social network expert witness and bestselling market researcher Scott Steinberg isn't just a testifying consultant. He's one of the business and social media world's most-celebrated analysts and consulting experts, and the author of over 25 books on social networking, innovation, technology, advertising, promotions, marketing, digital distribution, and more. [...]

A social media expert witness par excellence, leading analyst, consultant, and market researcher Scott Steinberg can assist with social network matters of any scope. From expert reports to trial testimony and consulting expertise, he can help you put new technology and business trends in context - and frame [...]

Long before Bitcoin and Ethereum were household names, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase – a website and iPhone/Android app where investors can buy, sell, and price dozens of cryptocurrency variants – was already making cash registers ring worldwide. Founded in 2012, today the service functions like a virtual stock brokerage [...]