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The Future is Yours: Learn to Think Like a Futurist!

Welcome to the future of training, education, and development: We’re proud to announce that new tabletop game THE FUTURE IS YOURS ($19.99, www.FutureIsYoursGame.com) – the first print-and-play tabletop game to teach players of all ages and skill levels how to think like a futurist – is available now!

By playing it, you can learn how to future-proof your business and career, adapt to change and uncertainty, and tackle real-world challenges in minutes as you (or your team) work your way through fun and fast-paced scenarios based on realistic scenarios that you’ll encounter in life and business. Better yet: The game ships with all the tools, discussion guides, and instructions you need to run strategic planning workshops that can teach players how to be more creative, innovative, and resilient at meetings and events.

PS – Did we mention it’s free for schools and students? And can help you build critical thinking and strategy skills?

We sincerely hope you enjoy the latest offering in our POP FUTURE™ line of products, and invite you to check out THE FUTURE IS YOURS today.

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