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“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Executive Summits and Board Retreats

Planning executive summits and board retreats for your corporate or non-profit leadership advisory team? You know just how important setting strategic direction for businesses,organizations and associations can be. As one of the world’s top management and strategic innovation consultants, award-winning futurist and analyst Scott Steinberg can help provide trend analysis, market insight and advanced leadership programs that can help provide guidance and feedback on topics such as:

  • Business Strategy Planning and Strategic Oversight
  • Creating and Maintaining Competitive Advantage
  • Future-Proofing Businesses and Organizations
  • Building a Culture of Creativity and Innovation
  • Making Change Management Work for Your Enterprise
  • Developing and Training Leaders at Every Level
  • Capitalizing on New and Emerging Trends and Development

A top-rated provider of keynote speeches for executive summits and board retreats, Scott has worked with hundreds of the world’s top business and brands, including both Fortune 500 company boards, venture capital firms, and emerging startups to help providing guidance into:

  • Planning Business Portfolios and Strategy
  • Transforming Ailing Business Ventures into Profit Centers
  • Designing New Products and Services
  • Capitalizing on New B2B, Consumer and Technology Trends
  • Developing Leadership and Corporate Training Programs
  • Maximizing ROI, Productivity and Value
  • Improving Marketing, Advertising and Social Media Efforts

Whether providing market research reports, panel moderator, key note speaker or trend analysis services, Scott’s contributions to executive summits and board retreats provide a market-leading analyst and futurist’s insight into the shape of new trends and developments, and how to build more successful change management, innovation and business strategies around them. Each is extensively tailored to the specific needs of your board or management team.

Recent satisfied clients include many of the world’s most successful businesses and associations, such as: Symantec, IBM, Microsoft, the European Commission, Activision, Intel and more. Please contact us today to find out how Scott can partner with your team to create more successful events.

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