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Banking Speaker: Online Fundraising Innovations

Many banking speakers have touched on mobile payments’, cloud computing apps’ and digital access to finance information’s ability to reshape the commercial world going world. Curiously, fewer seem to have picked up on the potential of crowdfunding and online fundraising, which promise to democratize investment and help angel and venture capital flow into small- and mid-size businesses’ coffers once again. With corporate enterprises and innovative startups able to raise up to $1 million online through the sale of equity, courtesy of the JOBS Act, literally hundreds (over 525 at last count) of investment portals are springing up designed to cater to equity-, reward-, donation- and lending-based models.

It’s a subject near and dear to our hearts, and one we touch on extensively in The Crowdfunding Bible.If you’re looking for hints, tips and expert advice on how to run a campaign for a business, organization or non-profit though, we’d also advise having a look at the following resources. Following the launch of the book, and a series of speeches and workshops provided to schools, businesses and The European Commission, we had the opportunity to provide the press and media with a number of strategies and insights into how to optimize and increase chances of success with such efforts. Consider the following your cheat sheet to the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding worlds, and – hopefully – the catalyst for your own successful efforts and initiatives.

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