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“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Increase Your Odds of Business Success

Tomorrow’s leaders don’t need great conference speakers to tell them titles no longer matter: Most already know that tomorrow leaders will simply be defined by their ability to make and do. Creating results is what counts – and you don’t need CEO, VP or director in your job title to drive strategic innovation and growth. Just ask meeting planners, special events staff or even mailroom interns: Often, working professionals are forced to wear many hats, and make things up as they go. Happily, those who can do – and often find themselves elevated far beyond the levels of performance expected from their job description. Needless to say, business can and do operate in much the same way – by choosing important problems to tackle and rising to the occasion.

Want to know how you can increase your organizations chances of success, and – to poorly paraphrase Apple founder Steve Jobs – make a massive dent in the universe? It’s surprisingly simple, so long as you’re committed to the task, and both align and prioritize day to day actions and strategy towards accomplishing the challenge at hand. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to get trapped in minutiae, or find ourselves running on an endless treadmill, creating the appearance of being busy while doing little to move ourselves or our enterprises closer to desired outcomes. The good news: You can break the cycle, and it’s not hard when you know how, and train yourself to get in the habit – one which also provides greater forward momentum, motivation and inspiration for completing the most important tasks.

In the below clip, a sample of our typical conference speaker sessions, you’ll discover just what it takes to get ahead – and in less time than it takes your office’s Keurig machine to heat up. So flip the switch, and press play – by the time you’re finished viewing, you’ll be ready for a fresh cup of Joe, and to dive into the day with greater enthusiasm and relish.

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