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New Rules for Career Success

Career speakers often talk about the need to be highly proactive when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. We’re of the opinion that’s a skewed view: As challenging as today’s job market can be for both senior executives and junior recruits, proactivity is certaintly vital – but as rickety, overcrowded and rundown as today’s corporate ladder is looking, maybe you shouldn’t even be trying to climb it at all. As we discovered while researching new book Make Change Work For You: 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate and Succeed Despite Uncertainty, an all new business world requires all new success skills to thrive in – skills that many career counseling centers, vocational training centers, online job magazines, and other helpful resources have yet to fully highlight.

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As we outline in the following infographic, getting ahead in today’s topsy-turvy, highly unpredictable and uncertain business world requires that both career seekers (and career speakers) take a completely different stance on how they view the hiring market, and their approach to addressing it. Just a few all-new career success strategies you’ll want to keep in mind as you move forward include the pressing need to:

  • Be so good, so singular, or so difficult to replace that you’ll be damn near impossible to replace.
  • Always be reinventing and reinvesting in yourself, so you’ll be more adaptable.
  • Think ahead and get the training, talents and education you’ll need to succeed tomorrow today.
  • Create your own opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • Never stop finding ways to apply your original talents and viewpoints in new and novel fashions.
  • Tackle difficult challenges, specifically because others will shy away from them – giving you more upside when you successfully complete them.
  • Use off-hours and downtime as a chance to pursue hobbies, interests, and activities that can convey helpful business skills.
  • Courageously push forward whatever the odds you face.

Good luck in your career search, and/or continued advancement – keep applying these skills, and you’ll keep moving yourself closer to the executive suite.

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