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You don’t have to be an education speaker or parenting expert to realize: Mobile devices, apps, and online technology solutions have fundamentally transformed the shape of the educational system, and the way kids learn, today.

In Teaching Technology: High-Tech Education, Safety, and Online Learning for Teachers, Kids & Parents, the first complete high-tech training guide of its kind for tomorrow’s educator, school administrator, youth worker, and responsible adult, both teachers and parents will discover a complete range of activities and workshops for integrating technology into the modern classroom and household.

In the free eBook (limited-time offer – a $13.99 value), you’ll discover a full set of tools for teaching online safety, privacy and positive high-tech usage. Featured programs – designed to cover the complete range of grades from K-12 to college and beyond – cover:

• Internet Access & Online Safety
• Apps, Software & Web Services
• Social Media & Social Networks
• Computer Use & Screen Time
• Responsibility & Digital Citizenship

Blending the best of educational books and teaching textbooks with essential hints, tips, and advice from leading experts, Teaching Technology is a must-read for those hoping to bridge the generation gap. Inside, you’ll find:

• High-Tech Classroom Activities for All Ages
• Lesson Planning Tools: K-12 + College
• Best Sites, Services & Tools
• Expert Guides: Social Media, Safety & More
• Workbooks: Communications and Privacy

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