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Business Associations: How to Speak Through Social Media

Association speakers often have a lot to say about the power of social media, and why it’s vital to embrace going forward. But thanks to the National Federation of Independent Business (a.k.a. the small business association), we got the chance to go beyond the keynote, and reveal how companies, organizations and non-profits can stand out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and other popular social network platforms as well.

In a featured column titled “3 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media,” we take a look at how to make your voice heard in a sea of white noise. After all, the challenge these days isn’t whether or not you can find something to talk about – it’s how to separate yourself from the din, with more than 70 billion pieces of content being shared each month, just on Facebook, a single social media platform.

To provide a quick summary (you can read the full article at this link), as an association speaker who’s had the chance to chat with many business owners about their current operating strategy, I offer the following tips:

  • Differentiate yourself by boosting your visibility and value by branding yourself as a thought leader and expert authority in your given industry or field. A few hours and few simple action steps is all it takes to propel you and your organization from another nameless choice to a brand-name provider.
  • Connect with audiences in seconds, and set yourself apart a glance. The more unique and counter-intuitive your approach, the likelier you are to stand out in audiences’ minds. Be brief, be succinct, and be original – the more singular your strategy or stance, the likelier you are to capture others’ attention. Be sure to invite others to share their unique opinions and personal thoughts as well, so you can explore issues from a variety of fresh perspectives – conversation becomes far more informative, and entertaining, that way, which means that it’s far simpler and more appealing to get involved in.
  • Engage others on a personal level – be approachable, be genuine, and be empathetic. The more you can put a human face on your business or brand, the more effectively you and your message will resonate with others, and galvanize them to your cause.

And there you have it: Social media strategy made simple, in two minutes or less. For more hints, tips and suggestions, keep tuning for more updates from yours truly and other top association speakers and business experts.

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