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2015 Business Trends: Futurist Predictions

As a futurist speaker and trendspotter, it’s safe to say: 2015 will bring many new trends for business – several of which we’ll see on display here shortly at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, starting this coming week. But which will matter most to your enterprise – and most impact the way in which you engage your customers? We recently spoke with Red Herring magazine to provide a sneak peek at which new innovations and cultural shifts in the marketplace management executives will want to keep top of mind – and how they can better adapt to these coming changes to be more effective in business.

Throughout the discussion, which you can read in its entirety here, we give a futurist speaker’s take on the current state of business trends and affairs, and what’s coming next, as well as how you can deal with these ongoing disruptions and shifts in status quo. But equally important, we provide deeper insight into ways that you can adapt your organization to be more agile, flexible, and future-proof – key to succeeding in a commercial world where uncertainty will be the only certain going forward. In addition, this article for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)’s blog, titled How to Stay Ahead of the Curve, will also prove a handy read, helping provide further insight into how you can create an innovation and growth strategy that provides greater resilience, even in the face of coming shifts.

A key piece of the puzzle: Learning how to learn, improvise more effectively, and be more capable of mixing and matching resources at-hand by building a flexible framework that allows your organization to bring its full range of insights and capabilities to bear. It’s a strategy we discuss in-depth in new book Make Change Work for You: 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed Despite Uncertainty. Expect us to be back in tune shortly after the new year with more expert hints, tips and insights into how you can future-proof your career and business – we sincerely wish you happiness and prosperity in the coming months, which are guaranteed to be exciting!




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