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Business Travel Trends: Security, Safety, and Duty of Care

Business travel trends are a hot topic around here. With 74% of companies reporting a new strict travel safety policy for employees according to a survey from the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, it begs the question: What’s driving this new level of security?


It may help to consider that we live in an increasingly fast-changing and unpredictable world. Businesses are under increasing pressure to minimize risk and increase scrutiny when it comes to keeping tabs on employees, who assume the role of corporate representatives when they’re on the road. In many countries, laws and regulations mandate that organizations exercise duty of care – essentially, that these businesses must keep a watchful eye over their workers when they travel, make sure that employees are kept abreast of potential threats that may arise, and that organizations must exercise reasonable care and responsibility when it comes to keeping these individuals safe abroad. Likewise, employees are growingly concerned about threats such as terrorism, natural disasters, and crime.


In addition, it bears noting that a survey from International SOS found that 36% of companies are now tracking a traveling employee’s every move.We’d do well to keep privacy concerns top of mind here as well. When it comes to respecting people’s privacy, there’s considerable danger here of overstepping bounds. However, companies do have a duty to keep workers safe when traveling – and do deserve to have access to some basic information within reason when you’re on the job. As a business traveler, getting access to emergency alerts, local points of contact, and services that can assist you in the case of an emergency is a big plus – a little insurance can go a long way to giving everyone (workers and businesses alike) peace of mind. But anything makes you wonder – do you really need a virtual shadow looking over your shoulder the next time you decide to visit Orlando or Pittsburgh?

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