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“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group


In the post-pandemic era, modern attention spans are shorter than ever and schedules more limited, even as we’re all being asked to absorb more information and deal with newer and more novel challenges more frequently than at any point in history. Noting this, an alternative method of training and development is clearly needed that can help accelerate learning and get both management teams and working professionals the information that they need to get up to speed on new business and technology topics or trends in less time.

Today, in partnership with BIZDEV: the Intl. Association for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, we’re proud to announce the launch of POP FUTURE™ – a faster, friendly approach to communications, training, and education that makes future trends, new innovations, and business concepts simpler and faster to talk about and teach… and for everyday audiences to understand.

POP FUTURE challenges industry leaders to find more fast, fun, and engaging ways to communicate complex ideas (metaverse, NFTs, hybrid work, etc.) in seconds – such as by using social media-friendly type content such as cartoons, short films, and experimental art to boost learning and retention.

After all:

• Who says that business presentations + training tools have to be dull and boring?

• Where is it written that you need to have a PhD to be able to make sense of market research reports?

• If we have access to more creative tools than ever, why do we keep using 30 year-old methods to communicate?

There has to be a better way.

POP FUTURE provides the answers you need to make sense of a rapidly-changing world. Simply click here to learn more.

Trust us: There’s a smarter, snappier way to get up to date on future trends and emerging business topics – and get your message across. We invite you to join us in coming months as we reimagine the future of training and education.

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