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Top 10 Millennial Trends: How to Connect with Gen Y

Surprise! Millennials are now the single largest generation in America, and the modern workforce – in fact, by 2020, one in three adults will be a member of Generation Y (Gen Y). But what does your business or brand need to know to effectively speak to these scrappy young professionals, and inspire and motivate tomorrow’s leaders? As we explore in recent bestselling book Millennial Marketing: Bridging the Generation Gap, and the below video clip, the answers may surprise you.

For example, did you know that:

  • The vast majority of Millennials (nearly 9 in 10) measure success in terms of contributions to their community and workplace vs. financial rewards?
  • That they typically use three screens a day on average, and boast about 250+ Facebook friends each – nearly 3-5X as many as Baby Boomers?
  • Gen Yers can expect to have 11 different jobs on average, and multiple careers, before they reach the age of retirement?
  • That 90% or more of Millennials are more concerned with making the world a brighter place for everyone than advancing their career or personal goals?

And that’s before you even consider the new skills and education they’re constantly looking to pursue, as the talents and insights needed to succeed in tomorrow’s workplace will be far different than those required to get ahead today. Or, for that matter, the different ways that we as business leaders must look to connect and engage with these audiences – audiences who communicate and process information in vastly different ways than prior generations. Needless to say, Millennials are bringing a considerable amount of change to both the marketplace and workplace as we speak. As a result, finding ways to better communicate and bridge the generation gap will be key going forward.

Looking for more insights into how you can connect with and engage Millennials and members of Gen Y? Also sure to check out several of our recent books and training programs, which can help you get the job done.

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