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Guest Speaker: The Biggest Mistake Professionals Make

As both entrepreneur and management consultant, it’s consoling to see that many modern professionals are resourceful and capable individuals able to move mountains, even while operating under tight resources and extreme constraints. But at the same time, it’s also curious to note that one common error – easily the biggest of many mistakes a manager or working employee can make – also appears to rear its head time and again, much to both startups’ and market-leading corporations’ detriment. Happily, as a certain guest speaker can attest, it’s an easy problem to solve, and one that – if fixed – can produce lasting dividends for any individual or organization.

So what, pray tell, is this most insidious of pitfalls that so often trips up corporate warriors at every level? You may be surprised. In the following brief video, which our friends at Tulsa Community College were kind enough to film and share, I tackle the topic head-on. Ask yourself if the scenario sounds familiar: If so, perhaps it’s time to start presenting several more pressing questions at your next corporate meeting or event as well. But enough dawdling: Let’s get to it…

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