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Guest Speaker: Millennials Not Generation Screwed

Are millennials the screwed generation? Critics in major media certainly seem to think so. Less wealth and stability, harsher job conditions, a growing move away from home ownership and marriage… certainly, few would argue it’s a party out there for the generation just beginning to enter today’s business workforce. But as both business owner and frequent guest speaker on entrepreneurial leadership, I have to wonder: Who are we kidding? Despite these challenges, barriers to market entry are crumbling, access to technology-based solutions growing even as associated costs continue to shrink, and more innovative tools and platforms helping level the playing field between individuals and organizations of every size.

Suddenly, anyone and anything – including key contacts, access to market entry points and even thousands of dollars in seed capital with little strings attached (thank you, crowdfunding) – is virtually just one click away. Geek culture has also come into its own: Talents like programming, graphic design and social entrepreneurship are so widely blossoming that I’d be amazed if most members of the generation didn’t have a friend that could code like a wizard, pump out gorgeous-looking web pages on a dime, or – at the very least – had a sizable social media following. Once upon a time, you had to know someone who knew someone to break into the business, or enjoy the benefit of extreme serendipity to stumble across opportunities for success. Now, much of what was once exclusive, esoteric and/or prohibitively expensive is suddenly affordable, commonplace and commoditized.

But I digress: Speaking less as a motivational public presenter, more as an envious realist, here’s why Millennials and members of Gen Y aren’t just in fine shape, but perhaps poised for greater success than any generation prior. Count yourself among their number? As we explain in the following video, it’s a great place to be – provided, that is, you stop trying to follow the old and outdated path to success…

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