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Education and Learning: Bridging the Generation Gap

As education speakers and youth trends experts, we often find ourselves touching on topics such as connecting Baby Boomers with Gen X and Gen Y workers, and keeping tomorrow’s digital kids safe online. The latter seems to be a topic of especially growing interest amongst colleges, top university leaders, and of course high, middle and elementary schools the world over. Internet safety, online privacy and digital citizenship are all topics of extensive interest to educators, teachers and parents today with over 80% of children now enjoying an online footprint by the time they’re two years old.

In the interest of driving awareness for the need to teach technology and best practices with regard to high-tech usage (including how to safely engage with social networks, apps, video games, virtual worlds and other online staples), readers may be aware of our Modern Parent’s Guide series of books. A complete guide to the full range of high-tech challenges and opportunities that teens, tweens and tots of all ages now face, we incorporate many of its lessons into the workshops, seminars and master classes we provide to audiences of every background and nationality. Needless to say, when our friends at Premiere Speakers Bureau asked us to explore a number of these topics in a video which provides teachers and parents with vital hints, tips and advice for bridging the digital divide, we jumped at the chance to participate.

Below, you’ll find our thoughts on everyday, practical solutions for teaching children about responsible technology usage, digital citizenship and positive computing habits, as well as safe and respectful online behaviors. From discussions of the challenges surrounding Internet privacy to concerns with permanence of information online, it makes an excellent starting point for those hoping to make high-tech solutions a more positive part of the school and home. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the presentation, and invite you to explore some of our further thoughts on these topics, as seen in a number of national media outlets – links follow the film clip below. For more on our education speaker programs, high school speaking or middle school presentation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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