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Technology Trends: Internet and Online Safety Tips

When it comes to online privacy, Internet safety, and protecting smartphones, tablets and mobile devices, it can be difficult to decide how to best go about choosing the software programs or apps that are right for you. We recently had the opportunity to put together a number of videos discussing topics from how to protect PC, Macintosh, Apple and Android products from viruses, spam and other harmful malware, as well as provide a guest speaker’s insight into how you can more effectively guard yourself from Internet hazards. If you visit EnjoySaferInternet.com, you can access these expert online courses and classes, which explain how you can put the power of technology to work more safely and positively when it comes to interacting with virtually any device.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out these guest speaker presentations, I highly recommend having a look. Users of all skill levels with find expert hints, tips and advice on how to best give their systems and devices an upgrade, determine if apps are safe to download, and tell whether files are secure and trusted, or may potentially expose you to spam, phishing schemes or harmful malware. For convenience’s sake, each is short and sweet, and can be viewed in just minutes. Watch them, and you’ll get several useful tips that you can put to work for your business and family in literally minutes. Happily, the latest technology trends offer a variety of solutions for those looking to operate more efficiently and without worries of exposing themselves to potential security issues or drawbacks.

In the following video presentation we recorded, you’ll discover what the differences between free and paid anti-virus software programs and apps are, and which you may prefer to choose to protect your computer, smartphone or tablet. For more, be sure to check our blog, and the EnjoySaferInternet.com website. We’ll continue to post more videos and tips here in the coming days.

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