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Today’s Hottest New Career Move Revealed!

As futurists and trends experts, we’re often asked: How can someone in an uncertain job landscape get moving when they’ve stalled in their career? In today’s disruptive business environment, it is crucial that professionals be adaptable and willing to take on risks. However, it is critical that these moves be made intentionally and with the ultimate goal in mind. This is no small feat considering the fast-paced job market, but successful career shifts are possible with a career change method we recently discovered. In doing research for Millennial Marketing: Bridging the Generation Gap, we have uncovered the hottest new career move taking the world by storm: the slingshot.

Everything you need to know about this professional move is contained in our brand new infographic: How to Get Unstuck in Your Career. By keeping your eye on your ultimate career goal, but being willing to be flexible about the moves you make to achieve it, you will be able to recognize new opportunities in unexpected areas. This innovative thinking and willingness to be courageous will ultimately lead to you reaching your career goals. Keep in mind: Climbing the ladder is not the only way to advance a career. And you can absolutely, positively get out in front of the today’s fast-moving business world by using the slingshot to simultaneously innovate and diversify your skill-set, setting you up for success.

What’s more, employees can truly soar by pairing the slingshot with an awareness of their own capability gaps. By knowing their professional weaknesses, individuals can take on stretchwork (work that’s specifically designed to stretch their capabilities) to cultivate new skills.  These projects should be chosen deliberately with an eye on career goals: stretchwork gives the experience needed to round out a skill-set. Selecting stretch work roles that emphasize learning new skills over increasing income can allow people to help edge out their peers. Incorporating this knowledge and experience with the professional dexterity of the slingshot will ensure job security and a career that is truly future-proof.


Our research reveals that today’s innovators and modern business leaders are increasingly on the look-out for people making this ingenious move. By thinking creatively about your career goals and how you can get there, utilizing the slingshot will set you apart in a job landscape full of professionals boasting qualifications that all look the same on paper. The slingshot demonstrates that you are capable of assessing the job field, playing to your strengths, and taking calculated risks when the moment is right. This method is proven to un-stall your career and put you on the fast track to achieving your dream career target.

To learn more about navigating your career change, be sure to check out the Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble best-sellers, Millennial Marketing: Bridging the Generation Gap (www.AKeynoteSpeaker.com/Millennials) and Make Change Work for You (MakeChangeWorkForYou.com) – the latter now available in paperback! Each can help you tackle obstacles, rethink your capabilities, and gain the resilience needed to succeed in an unpredictable world. You can also visit our blog for tips, tricks, and advice from today’s most fearless innovators and futurists.

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