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Business Speakers | Social Media Expert Hints and Tips

Business speakers, like leading organizations, associations, and non-profits, know that social media and social networks are among the post powerful tools that modern professionals have for networking, communications and growth today. So when we were asked to provide a complete guide, featuring expert hints, tips and advice on using social media to transform the shape of your business by Oryx magazine (www.oryxinflightmagazine.com), we didn’t hesitate to say “yes!” In the column, available free of charge from the publication’s website, you can see a complete guide to what it takes to achieve success by using word of mouth and online communications strategies to reach your enterprise or organization’s target audience.

Based on feedback from partners we work with at meetings and events, thought leaders, and fellow business speakers, you can find a number of useful tips for creating and nurturing communities on social media platforms and social networks, as well as some eye-opening insights and stats into just how deeply these tools have ingrained themselves into the public consciousness. We also provide a handy look in brief at five ways you can better create advertising, marketing and public relations (PR) campaigns that will connect with the public and business-to-business audiences, as well as offer some new suggestions on resources and tools that may come in handy as you go about creating online conversations. Among them, you’ll find helpful apps and books that can speed your efforts to succeed along at every scale.

For more details on how to create a winning social media strategy, you can also grab a free copy of our top-rated talk Social Storytelling in the form of a social media strategy training guide from this link via iBooks, which you can access through popular Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy these resources, and wish you the best of luck in your social media campaigns!

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