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“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Youth Speakers: Keynotes, Classes and Workshops

Looking for youth speakers to keynote meetings, events or assembly programs? Scott Steinberg can help. An award-winning, bestselling author on leadership, parenting and education, as featured in The Huffington Post, Parents, Parenting, The Today Show and hundreds of other leading media outlets, his speeches and training classes can help you connect more effectively with every generation.

Scott’s programs are designed to engage a variety of audiences, including teachers, parents, schools, university leaders and professional educators at every level, as well as teens, tweens, middle, high school and college students. Each is custom-built to:

  • Provide Motivational and Inspirational Messages
  • Instill Vital Leadership and Career Skills
  • Enhance Education and Learning
  • Increase Accountability and Responsibility
  • Help Students Exercise New Habits for Success

Like many youth speakers, it’s Scott’s great pleasure to partner with your school or organization to provide positive and uplifting messages to which kids of every background can relate. But as one of today’s most celebrated pioneers in the field of modern education and parenting, and leading authorities on emerging trends and high-tech safety and privacy, he also provides one of a kind advice for associations, educational institutes, schools and consumer events.

A small sampling of recent programs include:

  • Helping leading anti-virus and online safety providers raise awareness for Internet safety, privacy and digital citizenship amongst adults and children
  • Providing keynote speeches and workshops on raising modern teens and tweens for leading non-profit associations on an international basis
  • Key note presentations and hands-on learning sessions for college and university audiences on career skills, leadership, personal finance and communication
  • Creation of free guides, hints, tips and blog posts for leading high-tech education provider
  • Expert insights and advice for bestselling consumer electronics manufacturer

To contact Scott, or receive information on how one of today’s leading youth speakers can help you win with programs custom-tailored to engage audiences of every age and background, please contact us today.

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