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Speaking of Cyberbullying

As you may be aware, October is National Bullying Prevention Month. But something that may surprise you: Each year, over 13 million students experience bullying, often with devastating effects on both victims and their families – even more so when this form of harassment spills over into cyberbullying, which the US Department of Health and Human Services defines as “bullying tht takes place using electronic technology.” In other words, when cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communications services and tools such as social media sites, online forums, text messages, chat, and websites are used to demean, degrade or put down individuals in a public or private forum, it can severely impact our emotional well-being – and children are especially susceptible to these influences: A topic we touch on many times via our youth speaking engagements.

But it’s important to note as well: Parents, children, teachers and educators are NOT powerless to prevent cyberbullying from happening, and can make a positive and lasting difference in kids’ lives. Thanks to POPSUGAR Moms and Google, you can join us today at noon EST for the second in a series of video webinar Hangouts On Air, as we join an all-star panel of experts to discuss the skyrocketing rise in cyberbullying cases, how to talk to your kids about Internet safety and technology, and how to prevent your own children from being cyberbullied. Today’s panelists for the program – which is completely free to view and share, and, again, happening at noon EST – include:

Lisa Horten, POPSUGAR Moms editor and moderator
Justin Patchin, Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center
Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media parenting editor
Scott Steinberg, author of The Modern Parents’ Guide book series
Amit Routh, Digital Crisis Services Manage and resident expert for Trevorspace

Here’s the live stream link for today’s Hangout. Remember: YOU can make a difference!

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