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Motivational Speakers: Right for Your Corporate Meetings or Events?

Are you thinking about hiring a professional speaker for your next business meeting, conference, or event, and curious about what motivational speaking experts actually do? Several factors are involved in selecting an effective and engaging presenter, and understanding these individuals’ craft is important when deciding whether or not to utilize their services. The following hints, tips and expert insights can help you better understand what motivational authorities do and determine if a professional keynote presenter is a good fit for your next special occasion or gathering.

The most basic function these thought leaders serve is to positively present and underscore key themes for the meeting or event (hence the ‘keynote’ speeches they give), and help drive positive change and growth throughout an organization. Presenters can provide information, education and a shift in mindset that helps viewers overcome key challenges and maximize their professional potential, as well as deeper insights into emerging industry topics and trends. Likewise, they help ensure that teams understand leaders’ vision for new ventures or programs, that everyone involved is on the same page and that each individual involved in business programs understands how their contributions can impact the shape of the initiative. Delivering vital insights, original viewpoints and the impetus to pursue further learning and research, professional speakers can help viewers to overcome adversity, embrace transformation and grow their talents and skill sets.

Important to note, and watch for, as you go through the process of researching and considering experts to headline programs is how well the individual’s background and area of expertise resonates with your organization. Throughout the research and interviewing process, consider that successful motivational speakers will listen before they speak, meaning they get to know key stakeholders, listen to their concerns and challenges, and understand their marketplace and company culture. By doing so, they can format their speech around these specifics and include stakeholder comments, which will resonate with their audience. A truly exceptional speaker will not deliver a generic speech at each event they attend. They will tailor their message to the needs of their client in order to provide the most value. Therefore you’ll want to look for an authority who doesn’t just focus on your specific area of business, but one willing to work with you to ensure they’re delivering a message best customized for your audience and organization.

Typically, these presenters will take the form of subject matter experts, well-known thought leaders, or bestselling authors. However, despite any level of accomplishment that they have achieved, leaving egos at the door is essential when delivering a motivational presentation. Ultimately, it’s their goal to help people by delivering thought-provoking ideas to enhance business practices, and drive positive growth and performance. Helping others’ is the primary goal.

An effective speaker will connect with their audience by pairing substance with powerful storytelling ability. Real-life examples drawn from familiar industry examples can enhance your connection with viewers. But while it’s crucial to incorporate case studies or industry trends into speeches, it’s important to also not overwhelm listeners with facts and figures. Speakers should also offer next steps and strategies for improvement. By explaining to viewers where to go next to research or learn more about a topic, an effective presenter will help them move beyond perceived limitations. Note that all speakers possess their own presentation style, from informative to comical. However the task is accomplished, grabbing and maintaining the attention of an audience is crucial during a 60-minute speech.

Are you rolling out new programs, initiatives, or business ventures? A keynote speaker can get your employees excited about impending changes through inspirational stories or expert advice. Offering new ideas can also allow teams to overcome challenges like never before.

Now that you recognize the benefits of motivational speaking, you’re probably wondering where to find a leading presenter. Start by asking professional colleagues and connections for speaking references and recommendations. Consider audience demographics and the type of speaker most likely to connect with them too. It’s also important to align speakers and topics with stakeholders’ overall visualization for the program. Once done, and presentations given, think of ways you can incorporate the learning and insights these individuals provide into future efforts. That way, you can implement this advice into ongoing programs, and provide a means for the organization to always be growing, improving and acting on the information presented.

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