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Top Innovation Trends for 2013

New trends and developments continue to rock every sector of the corporate business world, but none so much as the high-tech and consumer electronics industry. As strategic innovation speakers and consultants, we had the chance to observe just how much, and how rapidly, the field was changing firsthand at CES 2013 – North America’s largest tradeshow devoted to hardware, software, apps and gadgets. Following, you’ll find a handy summary of our thoughts on some of the field’s most startling and unexpected developments via the world’s top media outlets.

Rolling Stone – Futurist on Technology and Innovation Trends 2013

Associated Press (video) – New Innovations for the Technology Industry

NPR – The Future of TV: Digital Content, Streaming Media and Cloud Computing

Huffington Post – Forget Passion: Here’s How to Succeed in 2013

CBC TV (video) – CES 2013 Show Dazzles with Innovation

TIME Magazine – Smart Gadgets Meet Dumb Approaches to Innovation

Los Angeles Times – Tomorrow’s Technology: Connected Devices for 2013

Rolling Stone – Best Tech Products and Innovations in 2013

Headline News – 2013 Tech Resolutions: Learn to Love Cloud Computing

NSU Keynote (video) – The Future of Finance and Online Banking Innovation Part 1 / Part 2

Newswatch TV (video) – Technology Innovations at CES 2013

Newswatch TV (video) – How to Save Money on Technology and Gadgets

Woman’s Day – Cheaper in 2013: Business and Consumer Products

Billboard (video) – Innovation Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not for 2013

Billboard (video and text) – 2013 Trends: Advertising, Technology and Entertainment

The Hollywood Reporter – Entertainment Trends 2013: Film, Media, Second Screen

Australian Broadcasting Corp. – Crowd Funding and Crowdsourced Finance

USA Today – Smartphone and Tablet Gaming: Social Games’ Future

Variety – Will Ultraviolent Revolutionize Digital Entertainment?

Huffington Post – Strategic Innovation in Business: Driving Positive Change

Huffington Post – Business Lessons: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in 2013

Variety – Google in 2013: What’s Next in Innovation?

Starpulse – What to Watch for in Technology and Entertainment

Daily Telegraph – Executive Training: Why Gamification is The Future

Variety – Costly TVs pave the way for innovations

Looking for more thoughts on the future of consumer products, business and technology or global trends? See the following links for more information on how you can engage with our strategic innovation speaking presenters, or team of futurist innovators, to bring added insight and perspective to your next meeting or event.

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