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A Futurist’s Hints, Tips, and Advice: Cloud and Online Technology

Like you’ll often hear futurists speakers point out, a great deal of business today is conducted in the cloud. But chances are you’ve faced some issues with performance and connectivity of the applications and systems necessary to keep things running smoothly. You’re not alone, so IBM asked us to write about cloud capabilities and solutions to this pressing IT concern. In our most recent article, we detail the many solutions available to you through Cloud Application Performance Management (CAPM).

While CAPM is a huge IT concern, as futurists and speakers of all kinds can tell you, with an eye on the future you can utilize the quickly-expanding range of solutions to meet the demands of facing fast-changing modern organizations. You can consider CAPM the ultimate toolkit for managing all of your IT needs, even handling complex data streams over multiple platforms and streamlining your infrastructure.

This toolkit comes with the potential to maximize your workforce – an urgent need as more and more workforces are going mobile. Keep in mind that CAPM solutions are for small businesses and large operations alike – no matter the size, the benefits gained by leveraging CAPM are considerable. Other capabilities include diagnosis and treatment of tech issues, improved performance and user transactions, and the ability to swiftly react to new trends. Embracing CAPM provides an incredible opportunity for organizations to boost their productivity, optimize user experience, and stand apart from the crowd.

Check out this IBM article for what else CAPM can do for you, and remember that they have a wealth of information on their Mobile Business Insights website that will keep you light years ahead of your competition. And, as ever, remember that our futurists speakers team stands ready to help you and your organization unlock creativity and innovation, and gain all the insights and business intelligence that you need to stay ahead of the curve.


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