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Digital Signage Trends for Business

Along with other top digital signage experts and consultants, we recently teamed up with our friends at leading high-tech A/V association InfoComm to take a deeper look at how businesses can succeed by tapping into the future of technology trends. As part of the organization’s digital solutions summit, which provides training classes and educational workshops  for industry pros, it provided the chance to take a deeper look at one of the world’s most promising communications mediums.

From quick-service restaurants to retail stores, hotels to higher educational institutes, high-definition and interactive displays are increasingly being used to broadcast information about breaking news, current happenings and events, new product launches, recent attractions and more. Just a few of the latest technology trends digital signage experts and market research consultants say will play a greater role in the business going forward are:

  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Dynamic Content Delivery
  • Facial Recognition
  • Gesture Tracking
  • Predictive Technology
  • Social Media

Needless to say, many will seem familiar to those doing business in virtually every sector. But what’s really striking is just how practical many of the futuristic applications all promise to usher in appear to be. Try to picture, if you will:

  • Screens at clothing stores that can scan each shopper’s faces to detect age and gender and deliver targeted messages to viewers, and send notices about specials located nearby them in these stores straight to their smartphone.
  • Walls of live video feeds from operating rooms displayed in master control rooms that allow hospital administrators to manage traffic in and out of medical facilities, and individual screens in each room that tell doctors more about your clinical history, as well as patients more about the doctors attending them.
  • Display windows that track when you walk by on the street and fling advertisements from one screen to the next, then – depending on the weather, and whether it’s snowing or raining – point you towards helpful items (e.g. coats and umbrellas) once you’re inside the outlet.
  • College and corporate campuses that allow different departments to broadcast messages to different users, who can then use social media to respond to these messages, or share photos, videos and more with entire organizations in seconds.

Naturally, everyone came away from the event excited by what digital signage experts, top organizations from Boeing to Las Vegas hotel casinos, and leading consulting firms had to say. Having worked with a number of companies who do business in the space, we highly recommend you keep an eye on it – quite literally, as you start to notice more and more the number of electronic displays popping up around you everywhere you travel.

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