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Corporate Speaker: 5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Business

You don’t have to be a corporate speaker to realize that mobile marketing is the next frontier in business, but it can be an intimidating realm for many small and midsize businesses. IBM asked us to write an article about incorporating technology in these environments in order to make the work of a staff of any size more efficient, effective, and productive for your business. It may surprise you, but it’s easier than you think to take advantage of the fact that people spend time on their phones and market to them where they spend their leisure time. Following the five-step formula for mobile marketing outlined in the article will allow you to do things like tap into new markets through offering online promotions and leveraging your email list to reach your users.

The article also provides insight into SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and how (even if you’re not a corporate speaker who specializes in marketing, advertising, and promotional strategy) to ensure that the right people are finding your website when they search on their phones and devices. You can even utilize mobile marketing on a local or location-based level to snag customers when they’re near you. These solutions will make your business or brand even more relevant, so when working professionals make their on-the-go buying decisions, you will be on the top of their list.

Click the link below to read the article, and while you are there, you can check out IBM’s great insights into mobile news and innovation. Expect plenty more helpful hints, tips, and suggestions, as their Mobile Business Insights blog is specifically devoted to providing features, how to articles, and more on how businesses can capitalize on new technology to stay ahead of the curve.


IBM is on the forefront of making your business work everywhere and at any time, and they have countless resources about mobile marketing that will make your business grow and succeed. No matter if you’re a CEO, senior executive, manager, director, or corporate speaker (yes, even us old dogs can learn new tricks), definitely check it out!

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