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Best Email Marketing and Newsletter Services

Social media is the go-to service for online marketing these days, but there’s still a lot of value in email marketing services like newsletters, flyers, advertisements and deals. Literature that’s delivered via email allows you to deliver more in-depth information than Twitter affords, and you can also customize layouts far more effectively than what’s possible with Facebook.

Finally, email is still a hugely popular means of online communication. It’s not uncommon for someone to let Facebook or Twitter fall by the wayside for days or even weeks at a time, but everyone still checks their email once a day. That explains why there are so many services available for entrepreneurs who want to send out mass emails. If you’re lacking the necessary time to sort the wheat from the chaff, here are five of the best email marketing services on the market today.

AWeber – AWeber is a great fit for experienced marketers that are interested in doing a little digging and experimentation for cool features. Among other things, AWeber features tools for making custom sign-up forms, which can be embedded within websites. There’s also a WordPress plugin, newsletter templates, autoresponders, and more. Using AWeber requires a monthly fee, though your first “trial” month is only $1.

Constant Contact – Many of Constant Contact’s features are woven through social networks like Facebook. Its features include email marketing, online surveys, and local deals tools. Constant Contact’s interface is easy to use, and offers lots of templates if you’re not comfortable toying around with HTML.

MailChimp  — Out of all the recommendations on this list, MailChimp has the most endearing name and logo (what’s not to love about a monkey dressed up as a postman?). Of course, pictures of primates delivering mail won’t get your newsletter done, and thankfully, MailChimp offers lots of options to help you do the job. MailChimp is one of the Internet’s most popular email services thanks to its streamlined interface, its ease of use, and its flexibility that lets experienced users utilize HTML, but provides templates for anyone who needs a helping hand.

Campaign Monitor  — Campaign Monitor is popular thanks to its multitude of features and the fact that it’s easy to use. Whereas most email marketing programs require you to hop from area to area in order to get simple jobs done, Campaign Monitor lets you do most of your tasks under one roof. You can also easily integrate analytics and e-commerce.

iContact – iContact is geared more towards professionals who are looking for real in-depth crafting options. Its tools allow for the integration of RSS to email, which allows emails to be sent to RSS subscribers. You can also conduct surveys via iContact.

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