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The Future of Media and Entertainment

Earlier in the year, our futurist experts took a closer look at key innovation and technology trends for 2013 amongst connected devices, and specifically explored the future of connected devices and digital entertainment with NPR. As part of our recent series on the future of high-tech entertainment, cloud computing and digital media for Billboard magazine, we also assumed the mantle of strategic innovation speaker and drilled down more deeply on two new advancements that promise to revolutionize the TV world: OLED and 4K. The latter, billed as “ultra hi-def” and packaging 4X the resolution of current sets is about to engage in a full-scale tussle with the former, which offers thin sets capable of hyper-crisp color, amazing depth and pictures so sharp you’d think you could step through the screen.

But at $12,000 minimum, and with little content or standards available, let alone ways to deliver this next-gen material, one has to ask: Who will win the coming television wars – and what will victory actually bring? We explore these issues further in the following video on the future of TV, and why the picture – though steadily growing in quality and performance – still has yet to become crystal clear.

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