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Accountability: Your Organization’s Secret Weapon

Featuring accountability speakers from every field, including ourselves, the Managing from the Middle series features insights and real-world, research-backed advice from today’s top leaders on how to utilize accountability to improve corporate culture and success. This master plan has been garnered from interviews with many managers and employees that have mastered the art of accountability. Our final two videos from the series focus on Accountability Down and a Final Conclusion that you don’t want to miss.

In the first video featuring we and other accountability speakers, entitled Accountability Down, you’ll learn why it’s important to create positive outcomes through giving employees the help and support they need to complete whatever project that they’ve been assigned. Employees sometimes struggle because they are operating under an amount of stress to meet certain expectations. It is the job of a manager to observe the conditions under which their employees are working and be mindful of how this can be leveraged for success. You will see a case study in which a call center manager tries to reach a certain outcome, but actually diminishes the quality of the services given. Clearly, it’s important to balance between making demands and meeting deadlines while still allowing employees to successfully do their jobs, all while simultaneously maintaining what’s best for the business.

Accountability Down also showcases the revolutionary thinking involved with Accountability Down when employees are encouraged to think like an owners. An owner is accountable to the business as a whole, and when employees acquire this sense of accountability it enables them to deal meeting certain demands or adjusting their team roles to regroup to reach a goal.

Like any good accountability speaker can tell you, the more leaders and employees hold themselves accountable, the more successful workers and their organizations will be. Remember that accountability goes all directions. Whether it’s professionals holding themselves accountable to their bosses, colleagues, or their direct reports, accountability establishes a culture in which workers get their jobs done in the best way possible. When all employees think like owners, think like leaders, and work together hand-in-hand, they will help achieve the best maximum results for your business.

If you missed the previous accountability speaker videos, you can also view an Introduction to Accountability here and learn about Accountability Up and Across here.

Scott Steinberg, futurist and business etiquette expert, offers engaging keynote addresses and provides a memorable experience for meetings and gatherings of any size. Visit this page to learn more about his exciting and inspiring offerings that can launch your enterprise to new heights.

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