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“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group


Customer Service

Great leadership isn’t a matter of avoiding disagreements, but rather skillfully addressing them when they arise. Minor conflicts won’t hurt a relationship, or organization, if handled adroitly – in fact, the process of overcoming challenges makes us wiser, stronger, and more empathetic. Rather, it’s the hard-hitting, boundary-defining, and [...]

Common wisdom holds that we’re all competing for something in business, whether it’s time, money, attention, or other limited resources. But what if working hand-in-hand with competitors was actually the more effective strategy for getting ahead – and collaborating with rivals could actually help you create more win-win [...]

As Chairman of the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging and distinguished scholar in residence at the University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology, Paul Irving knows a thing or two about Baby Boomers. Given our own interests in the subject (see recent bestseller Millennial Marketing: Bridging [...]