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Telecommunications Expert Witness: The Future of 5G, Smartphones, Tablets, Networking

As telecommunications expert witnesses, consultants, and market research providers, several industry-leading organizations including top telecom and utility/energy providers asked us to take a closer look at new trends in communications, networking, and sustainability. Just a few sample projects can be found below. Noting this, if you’re on the hunt for telecommunications expert witnesses or consultants, don’t hesitate to shout today.

Why Smart Lighting is the Future of Smart Cities – Hypothesis: Smart lighting is now, and will in the future, be a cornerstone of smart cities. Because of these lightning systems’ Internet of Things/connected capabilities, and because they are capable of being equipped with added hardware technologies (e.g. Internet-connected cameras, loudspeakers, and wireless data transmitters) and software upgrades (i.e. artificial intelligence and machine learning programs), smart street lights look to only become smarter and more powerful going forward to boot. Smart street lighting systems look to save municipalities $15 billion in utility costs by 2023 alone – and they’ll also be capable of enhancing operational efficiency, boosting safety, and improving citizen satisfaction going forward. In effect, like many telecommunications expert witnesses and consultants note, smart lighting systems – because they can offer real-time data analysis and feedback, video capture, etc. – will leverage the power of high-speed wireless connectivity, cloud computing, and analytics to offer more sustainable ways to manage energy use and promote public well-being going forward.

10 Technologies That Are Driving a More Sustainable Future – 3D printing of goods on-demand to avoid wasteful overproduction. Clean and renewable energy to fuel a more self-sustaining future. Electric vehicles of all kinds that allow companies and individuals to minimize their impact on the planet. AI-powered and autonomous solutions for regulating power, temperature, and charging that leverage 5G high-speed networking to gather, process, and analyze huge volumes of data. As telecommunications expert witnesses and consultants, we were asked to offer a look at the many futuristic advancements that are helping power tomorrow’s eco-friendly world.

Interestingly, these are just a few of many new technology-powered advancements coming down the pike. For more on tomorrow’s hottest tech trends, be sure to tune back in regularly.

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