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Digital Media and Entertainment Reinvented

The digital media and entertainment world is among the most rapidly changing high-tech industry sectors this year, and provides a telling look at the sweeping transformations which promise to reshape many other businesses in months to come. A proverbial canary in the coal mine, you don’t have to be a professional speaker or futurist to see how the portents it heralds in terms of online consumption, sales and content delivery – let alone changing production and distribution methods – threaten to utterly transform tomorrow’s world.

Not that this is a bad thing, especially from the consumer’s perspective – users can expect more value, greater convenience and more top-quality multimedia than ever before, all delivered on a growing range of devices and formats that better suit their lifestyle. The challenge for music, Hollywood film, TV and video game or entertainment industry players: Adapting business models and delivery networks to match. We recently had the chance to explore these topics firsthand as a guest futurist for music industry trade Billboard magazine, which invited us to contribute a number of video speaking segments and editorials on the changing face of the business in 2013.

Following, you’ll find the first of the series, which talks about how both consumers and consumption patterns are shifting. Consider giving it a watch if you’d like to see this professional speaker’s take on how we need to rethink design models and corporate paradigms in the connected era.


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