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“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group

New Book: The Business Etiquette Bible!

Here’s a quick quiz for businesses, brands, and modern professionals hoping to lead and inspire others more effectively:

  • What must organizations know to successfully engage and promote their services and solutions to today’s audience – and protect their reputation, even in times of crisis?
  • Which new rules and best practices should every marketing, advertising, public relations (PR) campaign be following?
  • How can working professionals respectfully communicate, lead, and interact with colleagues/clients on the job – and avoid embarrassing incidents?
  • How can businesses + brands create digital, social media, and influencer marketing campaigns that truly resonate?
  • What vital rules should you be following when attempting to lead and inspire others, as well as engage potential clients and customers?

Our new bestselling book The Business Etiquette Bible, out today, answers these questions and more, defining new rules for workplace conduct, and marketing + advertising in the connected age.

A definitive guide to modern communications, leadership, marketing, and reputation management, it offers inside guides and best practices for:

  • Corporate and Professional Communications
  • Marketing, Advertising and PR
  • Crisis + Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media, Influencer, and Content Marketing
  • Managing an Online Reputation

Revealing groundbreaking new rules for personal and corporate communications in a world where technology has utterly transformed our interactions, The Business Etiquette Bible provides best practices for communicating and successfully achieving one’s goals in an era where our online presence and profile often defines us, and a single status update can fundamentally alter the course of a company or career.

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