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NEW BOOK: Modern Manners and Online Etiquette!!!

High-tech devices, social networks, and downloadable apps are now essential communications tools, and an everyday part of personal and professional life. But what does proper etiquette look like in an online + connected world? How do modern manners apply in the digital and social age? And what are safe and appropriate rules for using high-tech devices?

We’re thrilled to offer the answers you need in new book NETIQUETTE ESSENTIALS: NEW RULES FOR MINDING YOUR MANNERS IN A DIGITAL WORLD, a groundbreaking guide to digital manners and how to act, communicate, and build successful relationships when using high-tech devices or online solutions.

Important questions you’ll find answered inside include:

  • How can you successfully connect + build meaningful relationships online?
  • How to avoid costly/embarrassing social media mistakes or email blunders?
  • What’s the best way to create powerful marketing, PR, and social media campaigns?
  • Which rules should you follow when networking + job hunting online?
  • What does it take to build a successful brand and connect with tomorrow’s customer?
  • Online dating and relationships: To text or not to next?
  • How can you stay safe and protect your privacy online?

Net Amazon Cover



Divided into three core sections – Work, Life and Kids – NETIQUETTE ESSENTIALS provides a complete guide to proper use of social media services, online apps, blogs, cell phones, e-mail, instant messengers, location-based tools and more.  A complete guide to modern manners, NETIQUETTE ESSENTIALS is one of the first volumes to provide in-depth guidelines for:

  • Use of High-Tech and Mobile Devices
  • Online Job Hunting + Career Searches
  • Social Networks, Apps, and Online Services
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Digital Advertising, Marketing, and PR Efforts
  • Modern Meetings and Events
  • 21st Century Corporate Communications

Want to build more powerful relationships online? Effectively engage tomorrow’s online audience? Master the art of digital and social storytelling? Be sure to grab your copy of NETIQUETTE ESSENTIALS today!!!

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