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Metaverse Experts and Consultants: The Future of Web 3.0, VR, NFTs, Crypto and More

As metaverse experts, consultants, and keynote speakers on topics like Web 3.0 (Web3), virtual reality (VR), cryptocurrency, augmented reality (AR), digital wallets and more, business and media outlets of all kinds often ask us: What’s the future of the metaverse – and how will it increasingly spill over into real life? Naturally, the answer is quite sprawling and manifold, and – having served as metaverse experts, consulting leaders, and keynote speakers for a host of leading firms in the space – even we were surprised to consider just how many ways that we may all be impacted by Web 3.0, cloud apps, and metaverse technologies’ growing influence.

The Future of Business, Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment: A Metaverse Expert’s Take

To find out more, we recommend having a look at a story we recently penned for Business Traveler magazine on the future of business travel, and how tools and technologies such as extended reality (XR) experiences and VR headsets may impact tomorrow’s travel, hospitality, entertainment, and media fields. You can read the article here. However, being metaverse experts and consulting keynote speakers, we also recommend having a look at another companion piece we recently did for the magazine, which explores the impact of other new advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics as well. The piece is also available for you to fully peruse online at the company’s website. With even humble technologies such as the QR code now becoming near ubiquitous, it’s hard to argue with the metaverse’s growing presence at a rising number of everyday touchpoints.

Why You Don’t Need to Be a Metaverse Expert to Understand This Technology’s Impact

In fact, we’ve fully crossed over to the point where companies like Facebook have renamed themselves Meta in pursuit of the growing metaverse dream, and are investing billions of dollars in building out an ecosystem that ranges from virtual reality headsets (e.g. the Oculus/Meta Quest) to online chat rooms, virtual worlds, and more. And, of course, even reached the tipping point where fashion shows, concerts, and popular celebrities are also turning to the metaverse as a way to stay connected with and relevant to their fan bases as well. With even The TODAY Show running large-scale feature coverage of the metaverse, it’s hard to argue with its rapidly-ballooning influence, and the outsized impact that it may have on our world in coming years.

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