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How to Save Money on Twitter

Social media users are constantly wondering how to get the best deals on new or existing products, services or other items they’re considering purchasing. So it’s no surprise that as marketing speakers, we’re constantly being asked for hints and tips on how to get the most for the money as well. Recently, a popular media outlet wanted to know: How can you use Twitter to save money? It’s a fine question – and one whose answer you can put to work for your wallet in seconds.

Thinking more on the topic, and discussing it further with other marketing speakers, we came up with a few suggestions. Below, you’ll find some expert advice that you can use to save a few bucks all but instantly. Oh, and readers: Please do feel free to write in with tips on how to save money on Twitter of your own – being bargain-minded, we’re always looking for a great deal ourselves!

  1. Search for terms common to saving cash, including “coupon,” “deal,” “bargain,” “discount,” “coupon code,” “on sale,” “10% off,” “free shipping,” etc. Sort through the results to determine which are most relevant, and which fellow Twitter users provide them with the most consistency in the categories (electronics, clothes, food, etc.) you most favor. Make a point of following these people, and you’ll be able to use the power of crowdsourcing to receive a running feed of the deals most likely to strike your fancy.
  1. Follow your favorite fiscally-minded magazines and discount sites, many of which offer running tweets throughout the day on articles of relevance, or fresh bargains. Popular online communities such as Fat Wallet (@fatwalletdeals), BensBargains (@bensbargains), SlickDeals (@slickdeals) and RetailMeNot (@retailmenot) all have a presence on the service, as do publications like CNN Money (@CNNMoney), Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (@KiplingerMedia) and The Consumerist (@consumerist). You can also do the same with popular brands such as JetBlue (@JetBlue), WalMart (@walmartdeals), Walgreens (@walgreens) and Dell (@DellOutlet).
  1. Look for local publications and communities that issue deal updates through Twitter to find steals and deals specific to your city or geographic area. After all, you never know when a freebie is literally waiting right around the next corner. Also be sure to tweet or retweet any deals you find, which’ll help make you a trusted source for this information, thereby prompting people to follow you and increasing the chances followers will pass along deals of their own, ensuring the cash-saving cycle continues…
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