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“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Upcoming Keynote Speaking Events

With regard to upcoming events and keynote speaking engagements, we’re pleased to announce the following additions to our speaking schedule. We sincerely hope that you’ll join us for any and all.

EMC Annual Innovation Conference – Next week, in Boston, we’ll be joining market-leading global Fortune 500 IT, cloud computing, and big data leader EMC for its annual Innovation Conference event, and providing a keynote speech on succeeding through leadership and strategic innovation in times of change. We’re pleased and delighted to help kick-off the program, just one of many solutions the top technology provider offers its employees and partners on an annual basis to help drive awareness for the importance of high-tech strategy and innovation, and the role that creativity and dynamic-problem solving can play in achieving success and competitive advantage. A company whose culture is rooted in entrepreneurship and innovation, EMC truly takes its role as an IT pioneer to heart, helping empower individuals and organizations to effect positive change on every level.

Edmonton Literacy and Learning Day – It’s our tremendous honor to also serve as keynote speaker and breakout presenter for the annual Edmonton Literacy and Learning Day conference, happening this same week, which will provide parents and teachers alike with the education and tools they need to create a brighter future for tomorrow’s generation. There, we’ll be speaking on the subjects of teaching and parenting high-tech kids, and online privacy and Internet safety. With four in five children enjoying an online presence by the time they’re two years old, we’re pleased to highlight how the modern family (and modern educators) can make technology a more positive part of daily life, and connect with teens, tweens and children of all ages. We look forward to learning as much from the experts – i.e. teachers and parents, those helping raise healthy and positive digital citizens on a day-to-day basis – as we hope to share with them as well.

CAMEX (Campus Market Expo) 2014 – Next year, we’re also thrilled to be visiting the National Association of College Stores’ annual Campus Market Expo (CAMEX) 2014 event and presenting a keynote speaking presentation on successful change management, and what it takes to create a culture of leadership, accountability and strategic innovation. With the business and retail environment constantly shifting, it’s our genuine pleasure to discuss with today’s leading organizations and professionals how they can transform change into opportunity, and leverage it as a springboard from which to better serve both colleagues and customers. In the presentation, viewers will learn how the market’s most innovatve firms are embracing change management, and discover the best practices and leadership pillars they can implement to breed a culture in which innovation thrives.

We’ll be on-hand and signing books at all, and available for discussion: We’d be delighted for you to come by and join us for any of these occasions, and hope that you’ll stop by and introduce yourself.

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