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Hire a Keynote Speaker for Las Vegas

When looking for the best keynote speaker in Las Vegas, it’s important to consider the fact that conventions and company events are a popular mainstay in the city year-round. That means that you’ll find speakers lining up by the dozen who are willing to step up to the mic and assist with special occasions. However, as veteran meeting and event planners know, only a rare few possess those special qualities and insights that can help you capture an audience’s attention and inspire them to take positive action.

So while the concept of “the best keynote speaker in Las Vegas” is subjective – after all, there are as many subject matter experts and ways to present on these subjects as there are industries and topics – keeping a few hints and tips in mind can help you hone in on the right pick. Consider the following from renowned trends expert and business consultant Scott Steinberg, who’s been recognized the world over for his dynamic and engaging speaking programs:

  • Find a Speaker Who Shares Your Values – A properly crafted and delivered keynote speech needs to accomplish at least two things: Engage the audience and impact the workplace through the application of real-world insights. What happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas when it comes to a properly-delivered keynote speech that’s designed to spark your team or company’s ascent to the next level of success.
  • Partner with Someone Who’ll Help You Raise Awareness – The best keynote speakers (in Las Vegas or otherwise) will work with you before, during, and after your event to help raise awareness and visibility with potential attendees. This may mean participating in articles, blog posts, videos, promotional clips, polls, surveys, and more – or providing hints, tips, and advice or other takeaways on the back end. Look for a speaker who’s willing to be a true partner in any initiative.
  • Hire a Speaker Who Puts Attendees First – A true professional speaker will work with you to dig deep to understand your industry, connect with audience members, and get a comprehensive sense for attendees’ needs. The right speaker will also provide insights into how you can extend the value of meetings and events, so everyone in the organization can derive lasting benefit – not just those in attendance.

It’s Scott’s distinct pleasure to partner with organizations of every size to help them achieve their goals. Through carefully crafted educational, motivational, and inspirational speeches, his presentations are designed to help you educate and inspire teams and individuals to succeed. As a diverse range of clients from Century 21 and IBM to Ford, Sony and Microsoft have discovered, he can help your business:

  • Unleash creativity and innovation
  • Build and maintain competitive advantage
  • Empower teams as well as individuals
  • Boost sales, productivity and customer service
  • Improve communications and connectivity

When looking for the best keynote speaker in Las Vegas, consider how important it is to select the right partner for your event. A proven expert with appearances in leading media outlets such as CNN, TIME, and The Wall St. Journal, and a track record that speaks volumes, Scott Steinberg can help you put together a program jam-packed with meaningful takeaways and tidbits that attendees will be raving about for years to come.

To find out more about what Scott offers or to book him for a speaking engagement please reach out to us today!

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