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Global Trends Speaker: 2013 Technology Innovations

Being a global trends speaker and futurist by day, it’s hard not to note the vast number of new technology trends that promise to impact the business and consumer worlds in 2013. Every industry from communications, education and customer service to finance, medical and health care promises to be impacted by these changes, which will shape corporate strategy and leadership going forward, and the social impact they’ll have. As part of a recent keynote kickoff panel at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA’s) annual Industry Forum event, we had a chance to sit down and discuss five of the most promising new trends with leading experts, members of the media and market research analysts. We thought we’d share an overview here.

The five trends the CEA identified to watch as being among the most important in 2013 were:

  • 3D Printing and Printers Go Mainstream
  • 4K and 8K Next-Generation HDTVs
  • Mobile Banking and Finance
  • High-Definition and High-End Audio
  • Teaching Technology: High-Tech Education

To see our thoughts on these technology trends, and get a sense of where other industry subject matter experts sit, you can enjoy a quick recap via the following press reports. Needless to say, we’re bullish on digital education, mobile banking and commerce, and Internet-connected smart TVs – infinitely less so on 4K and 8K 3D or HDTVs as a driver of economic growth, high-definition premium audio (outside of lifestyle-oriented devices) and 3D printing (until a wide range of practical templates become available for download en masse). For more on our thoughts on the aforementioned topics, and other high-tech trends that promise to impact the field in 2013 and beyond, just click on the following links.

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You can also get to know your favorite global trends speaker a bit better in this professional speaking profile the organization created. Hint: We’re big on value and convenience, including technology that works harder for you, not vice-versa.

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