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Futurist Keynote Speaker: Sustainability, Diversity, ESG

As keynote speakers on sustainability, diversity, ESG and other topics, we’re often asked to help organizations explore and research different subjects. Some recent initiatives we were asked to touch on and provide thought leadership around can be found below. Of course, as other keynote speakers on sustainability, diversity, ESG can also attest, there are many other trends of interest emerging in the space as well. Be sure to tune back in regularly to find out more about them.

10 Quick and Simple Ways to Help Fight Climate Change – People often don’t realize how much power they have as an individual or business to help make a difference. Taking actions as simple as switching to smart and self-regulating energy meters; carpooling, working remotely, or porting over to electric vehicles; implementing more green policies and standards that partners need to adhere to up and down your supply chain; switching to more recyclable, reusable, and repurposable goods; etc. can all help move the needle here. Think of it as a good reminder that big change starts with small actions – and we can all take more active steps to help promote a sustainable future.

10 Mind-Blowing Ways the World is Changing to Become Greener Around Us – Many probably don’t realize but companies like Ikea (who’s committed to eliminating plastic packaging before 2028 rolls around) and Amazon.com are already porting over to greener, more sustainble options, even as shoemakers like Cole Haan are using dandelions as materials (yes, really) to design tomorrow’s fashion products, car manufacturers like General Motors have committed to going fully electric, soda makers like Coca-Cola are implementing more recyclable bottles, airlines like United are putting plant-based meats on flights and food makers like Danone are prototyping plant-based milks that taste just like dairy products… there are many new innovations quietly happening around us.

How Embracing ESG and Diversity Can Boost Your Bottom Line – Companies that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion and practice more sustainable business practices not only shine as brighter beacons of corporate citizenship – they’re also proven to attract and retain more top work performers, better resonate with customers, and make more of a positive difference in their communities. The harder you work to be a better, more caring and responsible member of your industry and ecosystem, and more you strive to promote a diverse working environment in your firm, the better cross-cultural relationships you’ll create, more innovative of a culture that you’ll foster in your company, and the more human and appealing your brand becomes. Likewise, organizations that embrace ESG and diversity become more trusted, better attuned to what’s happening in the marketplace, able to benefit from the sharing of more ideas/perspectives/opinions, etc. In other words, it really does pay to do more good going forward.

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