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Future of Work: New Book and Live, Online Virtual Keynote Speeches

The future of work is already here, as our new book FUN AT WORK: How to Boost Creativity, Unleash Innovation, and Reinvent the Future of Work Using the Transformative Power of Play™ (out September 27, 2022 from BIZDEV™’s BLUEPRINT™ publishing label) reminds.Think of it as a roadmap to making work more fun, approachable, and engaging for employees of all backgrounds and skill levels. Likewise, the work also offers a crash course in how to be more creative, innovative, adaptable, and resilient in the face of unexpected events and unforeseen happenings.

In this groundbreaking volume on the future of work, return to work, and Great Resignation, you’ll find the latest in workplace trends and workforce innovations – and how to stay one step ahead of them. In effect, FUN AT WORK (which all-star keynote speaker and business consultant David Thomas, a leading expert in the field of play, was kind enough to invite us to help co-author) reveals how to reimagine the future of work, unlock creativity in your organization, and unleash innovation – not to mention create leaders at every level. Likewise, the book explains how to build more diverse, uplifting, and inclusive workplaces and workspaces by using the magic of play to inspire and motivate others to more actively embrace teamwork and empathy, keep a more open mind, and give their best on the job every day.

Inside FUN AT WORK, you’ll not only discover how to adapt to change and uncertainty more effectively. You’ll also find out what it takes to design tomorrow’s most effective HR and business strategies – and how to build a culture where creativity and innovation thrive. Shh, don’t tell either: We’ve also worked in a host of expert hints, tips, and suggestions on how to craft a business and brand that both customers and employees can’t stop raving about either.

Noting this, we’re proud to make FUN AT WORK available to leaders in every space here shortly – and show how firms in every field are leveraging the magic of joy, happiness, discovery, and wonder to boost productivity, enhance performance, and driving more successful results on every front. After all, we live in a time where the future of work is quickly transforming itself to look different from the working models of the past, and incentives, benefits, and perks programs are rapidly being rethought from top to bottom.

Wondering what it takes to recruit and retain top talent? Inspire employees to think more like owners and entrepreneurs? Constantly come up with new strategies and solutions that can keep your business relevant? FUN AT WORK holds the answers that you need to stay one step ahead of the curve!

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