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Future of Work Expert: Keynote Speaker Talks Sustainability, ESG

Future of work experts, sustainability keynote speakers and business consultants are well aware that a green revolution is already underway. In fact, the future of business looks increasingly eco-friendly with each passing day, much to the delight of generations young and old. Noting this, however, you don’t need a host of future of work experts, sustainability keynote speakers and business consultants to help you understand how to stay ahead of the curve here. Following are just a few points we’ve been asked to touch on as industry thought leaders by clients recently:

Green Chic: Will Fashion Drive the Future of Sustainability? – Fashion is a $3 trillion dollar industry that generates around 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and roughly 1 in 6 people work in the field (https://www.accenture.com/gb-en/insights/retail/sustainability-retail) even as the sector often wrestles with concerns like recyclability, waste management, water efficiency, chemical use, etc. But as a host of retailers from H&M to Groupe Etam, fashion brands from Burberry to PUMA (https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/sustainability/how-do-fashions-biggest-luxury-players-stack-up-on-sustainability/), and sustainable designers and fashion trends are proving, there are ample ways to green one’s business in style and do go for the planet. Don’t miss out on taking a closer look at some of the trends and innovations happening in the field.

Seeing Green: What it Really Means to Build a Sustainable Business – Going green isn’t just about promoting more carpooling, recycling, etc. amongst your staff. It means having to make fundamental shifts in the way you think and do business – i.e. to institute green principles and practices up and down your supply chain; institute tools and technologies that reduce energy use and waste; use data insight and analysis to optimize workflows and processes to be less resource draining; work to be a responsible citizen and good member of your community and industry; institute processes and roadmaps (as well as more transparencies) that promote accountability as a business; work (solo or in tandem with leading organizations and thought leaders) to make sure you’re employing sustainable and green best practices; etc. Let’s put things in perspective.

The Green Jobs Revolution: What Sustainable Jobs and Skills Are in Demand? – According to global staffing firm Randstand, the shift to Net Zero heralds the dawn of the next Industrial Revolution (https://www.randstad.com.au/green-light-recruitment-what-does-net-zero-mean-jobseekers/), and LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Green Skills Report (https://economicgraph.linkedin.com/research/global-green-skills-report) tells us that the new wave of jobs that will require green skills aren’t traditionally ones we associate with green business – but where is the job booming happening, and which skills will be most in-demand going forward? These and other reports tell us that companies are now hiring en masse in larger number for green-minded jobs than traditional jobs… Job seekers would do well to get a sense of how tomorrow’s economy is changing, what skills they need to get to succeed in it, and where demand for skilled green workers is rising.

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