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Cyberbullying Speaker: Helping Kids, Parents and Schools Succeed

Any cyberbullying speaker can tell you: Cyber bullying is one of the biggest concerns to today when it comes to kids and technology, as well as the online safety and privacy issues (as well as issues of health and well-being) that surround it. Luckily, it’s becoming a topic of growing discussion amongst kids, parents, schools, universities, and non-profit or charitable organizations, who are all working hard to stem the rising tide, and give children the tools and support they need to address these challenges. As both a parent and author of The Modern Parent’s Guide series, I’m grateful to see the obviously vastly increasing number of adults and organizations looking to learn more about the topic and get more actively involved in helping kids succeed.

Case in point: This August, I’m deeply honored to be serving as a cyberbullying speaker for Singapore’s 10th Annual Parenting Congress, and presenting a key note speech, workshops and panels on what it takes to raise digital teens and tweens, including key hints, tips and expert advice that parents and educators can tap into to keep kids safe online. We’re immensely excited by the opportunity to work with families to help children succeed – and even more excited by the rapidly-growing commitment which parents are showing to educating themselves about these topics, and providing children with a chance to bring cyber bullying and other high-tech subjects of concern to light. A sold-out event for the past nine years where parents and thought leaders can team up to share experiences, insights and moving stories that others can learn from, you’ll definitely want to check out the event, which provides an open and honest forum for discussion – and springboard for future discussions which can take place on an ongoing basis in both the home and classroom.

Taking place August 2-3 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, it’s my hope that you’ll be able to join us for the congress, which promises to bring a wealth of ways to keep kids safer online, and make technology a more positive part of life, to light. In the interim, you can immediately access leading experts’ hints, tips and advice on how to deal with cyberbullying in the following video, brought to you by Google and PopSugar Moms.

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