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Connected Cars: What Will the Future Hold?

The world of connected cars and self-driving autos continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In addition to advances in computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the growing presence of communications technology like 5G high-speed networking and edge computing is helping drive advances here by allowing cars to better communicate with each other in near real-time and with smart sensors and high-definition tracking cameras installed in streets and traffic lights. Noting that 2022 is expected to be a big year for self-driving and connected cars, it will be important to ask ourselves some key questions going forward to get a better sense of where the future is heading:

Q: How are innovative new technologies like 5G and edge computing helping pave the way for the future of driving and automobiles?

Q: The coming years will bring vehicles that are smarter and more connected than ever – why are high-speed communications and networking advancements such as these becoming growingly important to helping steer their advancement?

Q: Companies of all sorts are already helping pioneer a new generation of connected vehicles – what types of new innovations and advancements will technologies such as these help usher in?

Q: From enhanced safety features and alerts to smarter steering and assists, just a few of the amazing sorts of new solutions coming years will bring here include…?

Q: Autonomous technology is increasingly growing in public mindshare and interest: Just a few of many ways in which it promises to transform the world around us in the decade ahead would be…?

Q: Numerous manufacturers have already begun making major inroads into technology-driven advancement with their efforts to connect vehicles to everything, and enhance on-road safety – what types of communications and networking needs are required to support these types of enhancements?

Q: Other incredible types of applications we see for new and emerging automotive communications and networking technologies in the years ahead are…?

Q: Will the vehicle of tomorrow be defined by steel or silicon? And why, regardless of how autonomous a vehicle is, will it only continue to get smarter with each passing year?

Q: How are telecom leaders helping expand the scope and vision of what an autonomous or connected vehicle can be?

Q: Countless technology advancements continue to arrive with each passing year – why will it only becoming increasingly vital for automakers to think about how to cleverly and practically integrate them into their offerings going forward?

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