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Change Management and Innovation: Expert Tips

Change management and innovation aren’t always easy concepts to master, but they’re certainly ones that all organizations can effectively grasp – and topics we’re continually grateful to assist with. Naturally, keynote speaking sessions often take our team far and wide on an international basis, as we often run masterclasses, workshops and training sessions for businesses, organizations and associations for months running – always a great pleasure for our experts and analysts, who relish the opportunity to meet with leading professionals and companies worldwide. But at the beginning of summer, we’re temporarily enjoying pleasure of being able to stay closer to home (much to our spouses’ relief) for a bit, and will be giving speeches and breakouts at a number of top North American events, which we hope you’ll be able to attend. Below, you’ll find an upcoming schedule of May/June events, where we hope to see you, and at which we look forward to speaking on what it takes to build and maintain competitive advantage, how to succeed in the age of social and connected business, and how to make change management work.

The Accounts Payable Network Accounts Payable and Purchase to Pay Leadership Conference 2014 – May 21, Orlando – “Leading with Innovation: How to Future-Proof Yourself and Succeed into Tomorrow” – Keynote speech to accounts payable professionals from every industry and organization size on how to build a culture of innovation, design organizations to be future-proof, and give leaders at every level the power to spot opportunities more often, innovate around them, and empower themselves and their enterprise to succeed time and time again based on these insights.

InfoComm 2014 – June 17, Las Vegas – “What the Tech? How to Make Technology Work for Your Business” – Keynote at the national’s largest audiovisual pro show on the technology trends that digital signage leaders must be aware of going forward, and how to tap into their power to boost their business, enhance enterprise productivity and lead by making change work.

Next stop after these engagements will be Europe in fall – stay tuned for more details on upcoming breakouts, workshops and speaking announcements!

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