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Business Speakers: Top Talks of the Year

Business speakers have the world’s best job: Giving inspirational, motivational and professional development talks to audiences on behalf of market-leading organizations, associations and corporate enterprises is among the most rewarding careers one could hope for. After all, sparking positive change and management success is the goal – it’s not every day that you get to assist many of the world’s most successful businesses and brands in their efforts to educate, inspire and motivate executives to higher levels of success and performance. (Or enjoy the chance to swap and share stories and insights with some of the most talented and capable working professionals you’ll ever get to meet.) As a result, none of the business speakers we know purposefully sets out to seek accolades in this career – it’s among the most positive and rewarding experiences one could ever hope to be part of regardless.

Recently, however, The Financial Times named several top keynote and breakout presenters, and presentations, to its Top Talks of 2013 list, and converted these speeches into an anthology of corporate training programs as a volume published under the same name, via its ExecSense label. (The world’s largest provider of eBooks and online learning courses for senior level management teams and executives.) As you might imagine, we were pleasantly surprised and delighted to find our key note speech and workshop session “Social Media Strategy: Planning a Corporate Social Media Program” among them. Naturally, we can’t thank both viewers and readers like you, as well as the good folks FT and ExecSense enough for all your support and kindness, and the outpouring of goodwill that’s made this possible.

As audiences continually remind us, it’s always a tremendous honor to have the chance to be a small part of any organization’s efforts to learn, grow and succeed, and we very much look forward to continuing to partner with top businesses and associations in coming months to help provide further insights and support going forward. If you’d like to check out more on the compilation, by all means, please feel free to learn more about it here as well.

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